Students body calls on Indian government to take back support for Israeli occupation at UN; reaffirms Indian people’s support for Palestinian freedom

New Delhi: Labeed Shafi, National President SIO, called on the Indian government to stand by its historical commitment to Palestinian freedom and take back the shameful support for Israeli occupation at UN.
Last week, the Indian government broke with its decades old support for the right of the Palestinian people by voting in support of Israel to deny a Palestinian human rights organisation observer status at the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
Labeed Shafi said that the Indian people have always supported the cause of Palestinian freedom, dating back to our own struggle for independence.
Mahatma Gandhi himself had affirmed his support for a free and independent Palestinian state for the Palestinian people on several occasions, and the Indian government has consistently reaffirmed their support at various International forums and UN bodies over the years.
However, the Indian government has been consistently moving closer to the Israel, particularly to the Israeli defense industry. This latest vote in support of Israel – India’s first at the UN ECOSOC – is a troubling indicator of the growing influence of Israel and its defense industry on India’s foreign policy.
Labeed Shafi said that the Indian people continue to support the Palestinian people’s legitimate aspiration of a free and independent state for all Palestinians in their historic homeland.
He called on the Indian government to respect these aspirations and reaffirmed the Indian people’s support for all movements working towards Palestinian freedom.


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